For Trade Partners

At Elrhino, we're committed to building and sustaining very mutually satisfying relationships with our trade partners. 

We sell both, paper sheets and products, with one rider - every end product must carry our name and our story. Our reason to exist is to take the story of our animals to the wider universe, to people like you, who can and will make a difference to their future. Without the story of the animals, we have no reason to exist. So doing trade with us means you're buying in to our cause and wearing it in your sleeve with pride. If that makes sense to you, you are just the sort of trade partner our beautiful creatures need. 

Please write to us with your specific queries, and don't be afraid to share as many details as you can. 

Some things we've done very successfully:

- Brand tags from apparel and lifestyle labels

- Conference stationery

- Customised corporate gifts

- Artist sheets

- Invitation cards